The Carb Day = The Necessary Day

The Carb Day = The Necessary Day


I believe having a carb day should not be considered a “cheat” day. I believe that a carb day is a necessary part of any low carbers diet. There are a number of reasons I believe this. For one, I enjoy carbs. I love sweets. I love cakes in any, and all, of their many delicious forms. I enjoy a healthy heaping of french fries, or a perfectly cooked burger, under a layer of buttermilk fried bacon, on a completely high-carb bun (with onion rings on the side). These are necessities in my life.

Now, could I make these meals into low carb options? Sure. I could remove the bun. I could forget about the buttermilk fried bacon goodness. I could even substitute my french fries for some cole slaw (which probably has sugar anyway), or maybe just a salad with no dressing (booo).

Will I?


Nope. (Thanks BadDaddy’s!)

I believe that a carb day is a necessary part of my diet. It keeps my mind and soul happy. It allows my willpower to become rejuvenated for the next couple weeks that I abstain from carbs. While getting into shape and dieting is good and all, I believe that my abstinence from carbs for the majority of the time makes them all the more delectable when I choose to partake in them.

Aside for the fact that I just downright enjoy carbs, there are also some physiological benefits to eating carbs. I will, however, preface this with the statement that I am not a doctor, physiologist, diet expert, or anything related to being official. What I am is an official Low Carb dieter, and I am providing my own anecdotal insights to be added to the fray of the worldwide web. Take it or leave it.

So, I’ve learned that carbs give me that extra boost for my hard workouts. I workout nearly every day of the week, and some days that extra little pep in my step is necessary for me to push through. I make sure I have my carbs the day of my hardest workout, which is usually my legs, and I use them to help me power through the workout, as well as to replenish my stores.

Now, I could go into all of the technical aspects of how your glycogen gets depleted when you push your muscles, and how your muscles get replenished by eating carbs, but I won’t. There’s Google for that.

Another thing I’ve found, which I have found some support for online, is that carbs actually help with my fat loss. That day of eating a ton of carbs seems to push my metabolism into a place where it burns off some extra fat. Again, this is from my own experience, and you will have to see how it works for yourself. From what I have read, that crazy boost to your glucose (maybe it’s glycogen), and the extra calories “tricks” your body into thinking that it’ll be getting more calories/carbs. This kicks your metabolism into high gear and helps break any kind of plateaus your weight loss may have run into.

I don’t know if it’ll work for everybody, but it does work for me. Plus, I enjoy the process of making it work.

In closing, eat those french fries and have your cake. Just make sure you do it smart and work for it!

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