Starting Out On A Low Carb / Ketogenic Diet – Snacks and Energy

Starting Out On A Low Carb / Ketogenic Diet – Snacks and Energy

and so it begins

So you’ve decided to take plunge, and it’s awful. You’re hungry all the time. You’ve got headaches during all of your waking hours. You’ve got an upset stomach and the runs, or even worse, not even being able to go.

I’ve been there, and it’s tough. Well today I will be giving some tips on how to keep it up. I definitely felt like it was almost too much to bear during the beginning, but it does get easier. There are some ways to help get you through those first tough weeks (or months).




Nuts – Nuts are a great low carb snack that can be munched on throughout the day. According to, some the best low carb options for nuts include:

Brazil Nuts – 4 grams of carbs for 3.5 oz

Macadamia – 5 grams of carbs for 3.5 oz

Pecans – 4 grams of carbs for 3.5 oz

*3.5 oz is equal to about 3 handfuls of nuts. If you had one handful three times a day (every 3-4 hours), that would be a pretty well spaced low carb snack throughout the day which could help keep hunger at bay.



Cheese – Cheese is an excellent source of protein and, depending on the kind you eat, they have very few carbs. This could include cheese sticks, sliced cheese, crumbled cheese, etc. I love having cheese sticks with some beef jerky throughout the days. Of course I also recommend the Whisps, which are an excellent choice for a low carb snack with a little bit of a crunch to them. Other recommended cheeses are:





These cheeses are all relatively low in carbs with under 1 gram per slice of cheese if that’s what you’re having. These are also great to have in meat roll ups with some sliced deli meat and cheese. These were another one of my go to snacks throughout the days when I first began my low carb diet.



I think meat is an obvious one for this list, and I won’t go too deeply into it. Protein digests slower in the body, and so it tends to keep your fuller. Every day I will start with a good-sized breakfast of eggs, meat, and cheese. This keeps me going until much later in the day, especially if I snack at periodic intervals on things like nuts.



With the massive dip in calories (if you’re doing that) and in carbs (which you are doing hopefully) your energy levels are going to tank. It takes a little while before your body adapts to burning your fat stores and in turn releases ketones, so to combat the fatigue that you feel I recommend:

Caffeine: This could be in the form of coffee, tea (my favorite), and even diet soda. There are even energy drinks like Monster which produce a zero carb, zero calorie energy drink for that extra boost.

Vitamin B12: B12 is another great source of energy. I take some drops of B12 every day to help me with my energy levels as well.

Hopefully some of these sources of snacks and energy can help your overcome those first few grueling weeks of starting out on a low carb diet. It’s rough. I know it is, but it does get better. I’ll go into some more tips and tricks to help get your through those upset stomaches and headaches in a later post. If you’ve got any questions or comments please feel free to leave them down below.

Good luck!

4 thoughts on “Starting Out On A Low Carb / Ketogenic Diet – Snacks and Energy

  1. Carbs are my best friend, and worse enemy haha, this information you have here is very useful.

    I personally take Vitamin B12 daily, and it gives me energy, specially after I eat, I learned the hard way not to take it at night since I noticed it does give me a boost in energy.

    1. Yeah I definitely know what you’re talking about. I absolutely love carbs, but I have to abstain from them or else I’ll blow up like a balloon. B12 is an excellent vitamin to take and it certainly does boost energy, which is very important when starting out on a low carb diet, since there aren’t many carbs for quick energy.

  2. Hi, great tips to follow along with your low-carb diet. I’m only glad that coffee and meat are in there 😀 this alone will make my carb dieting much easier and gonna smooth up my day. Thanks for the share

    1. I would not be able to function without some coffee so I don’t think low carbing would’ve been for me if that were cut out. Good luck on your diet!

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