Presto Dehydro Review and Zucchini Squash Chips – Low Carb Snacking Made Easy

Presto Dehydro Review and Zucchini Squash Chips – Low Carb Snacking Made Easy

Hello all! It’s been a busy week for me since 4th of July weekend and making up those pretty awesome (if I do say so myself) Low Carb Cheesecakes, so sorry for not posting sooner.

I was trying to think of some new recipes that I would make, and I did actually come up with a couple of pretty good ones, but they were not up to the level of deliciousness that I would feel comfortable posting. I personally like to make sure that the recipes I put up taste good, look good, are low carb, and are just generally fantastic. If one of those requirements aren’t met, then they go back to the drawing board until I feel good enough about them to put them up. This is a partial reason that I haven’t had anything up since last week.

While I was brainstorming, I realized that I hadn’t put on too many ideas for snack items on my site. I know that I have a few products I enjoy on my Supported Products and Reviews Page, such as Whisps and Arctic Zero, but not many recipes or recipe ideas.

Now I know from my own personal experience that finding some delicious low carb snacks can be pretty tough. It seems like everything out there is full of carbs, calories, and a bunch of other ingredients that sounds like imaginary words.

I am definitely nuts about nuts (hah), and I could probably eat them all day, but some variety would be nice as well.

This seemed to be a problem to me, and so I thought I would find some ways to work around it. As I scoured the internet for ideas, I ended up coming across this beauty



It’s called the Presto Dehydro 6303(affiliate link). The product was a little over $90 on Amazon.

Now i’m not the kind of person that is prone to snap decisions or impulse buys, but …



I couldn’t help it. The dehydrator seemed like the perfect buy for a low carb dieter. I also had an Amazon gift card from last Christmas that I still hadn’t used (told you i’m not an impulse buyer), and so I thought this would be a great investment.

I don’t know about you all, but I am always absolutely shocked at the prices for things like beef/chicken/turkey jerky and dehydrated fruits and vegetables. Not to mention all the added sugar, preservatives, and ingredients that sound like they shouldn’t even be used for cleaning a sink drain.

With this little beauty I can dry my own fruits, vegetables, spices, and even make my own JERKY! (I’m a big jerky fan).

Now to give you all the specifications on this particular machine:


Price: About $90.00 on Amazon. 

  1. It comes with 6 trays and can expand to hold up to 12 trays.
  2. It has a digital timer and thermostat with a range from 90° to 165° F or about 32° to 74° C (which you can change from F to C).
  3. The top has a see through cover so you can actually see your food as it dries.
  4. The timer can be set to shut off (max 48 hours) or it can be used to count upwards as the food dehydrates.
  5. The drying trays are all dishwasher safe and fully submersible.
  6. The fan on the bottom and the heating element combination allows the food to dehydrate at a consistent temperature without any need for tray rotation or other meddling.
  7. The trays are able to nest so the unit can be shorter making it easier for storage.

The best thing about this product is the fact that you can pretty much set it and forget it. With the ability to set the timer and the temperature, your only job is to load up the trays and hit the on button.

One thing I do have to mention is that the fan does seem to get a little loud. It’s not much louder than any regular fan though, and I always have a fan on in my house (temperature hit the 100s today!), so it’s not a problem for me.

Anyway, I definitely think this product is a great investment. I mean I can make jerky at home now! I no longer have to spend a ridiculous amount of money for an infinitesimal amount of jerky that is always gone to soon. I also know exactly what is put in all of my food, so I don’t have to try and Google everything I see on the ingredients list.

For my first go at using this product, I decided to make some zucchini and squash crisps (I know you expected jerky).


Step 1: Use a mandolin (or a knife) and slice thinly.


Step 2: Place on rack and season (I used a little Himalayan pink salt and pepper).


Step 3: Turn temperature to 130° to 135° and set timer for 6-8 hours. (Approximate depending on how thick your slices area).


Step 4: YUM!

To give you a little bit of an idea on the nutrition for this, 1 medium zucchini has about 33 calories and 4 net effective carbs, and 1 medium summer squash has about 32 calories and 4.8 net effective carbs! That’s pretty good on both carbs and calories in my book.

These little veggie crisps were wonderfully light and crispy, with a very clean flavor, and a touch of spice from the salt and pepper. Definitely a keeper.

If you guys are interested in getting your own dehydrator, you can click on This Link Here (affiliate link). I have linked to a number of dehydrators, and the Presto 6303 is on that list as well. You can, of course, go with one of the cheaper ones, but I felt that the 90 dollar price tag  is well worth it for this one.

I do always think it is good to research, and so I also have this link here that shows a number of other dehydrators. There are some good ones out there that have good reviews, such as the Nesco, and the Excalibur, and the Presto 6300 (the lower version) has over 1,000 reviews with 4.5 out of 5 stars!

However, I chose the 6303 because I liked the fact that I could expand it to hold up to 12 trays if I chose to, and that it also had the digital timer that I could set. It was also at a price point that was under the $240+ that the Excalibur is at, which is always a good thing.

I hope this review is helpful, and I hope you all enjoyed my squash/zucchini crisps. I will be posting some more deliciously dehydrated food soon (pretty sure jerky is on the agenda). Stayed tuned for me coming soon!

If you all have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave me a comment below, and I will absolutely respond to you. Also, if you enjoyed this post, please do me a favor and share it! Thanks!

39 thoughts on “Presto Dehydro Review and Zucchini Squash Chips – Low Carb Snacking Made Easy

  1. Very good recipe Pete! You always know how to take it to the next level.

    I’ve bought zuchinni chips at the store before but never made them myself. Good idea!

    1. Thanks Ryan! I actually haven’t even bought them from the store, but I bet they were more expensive than buying the zucchinis themselves and dehydrating them. They may also have had some stuff on the label that you didn’t know what they were, which you would never have to worry about if you did them yourself!

  2. Love the combination of a review and recipe Pete! This Dehydro machine looks mighty useful in my eyes. I’d do without the zucchini and squash though!

    As you mentioned, jerky is where I’d expect this to shine. I’ve dried meat in the sun before, with good results, naturally (get it?). How would you compare this artificial dehydration?

    1. I’ve never even thought about dehydrating meat in the sun before! That certainly is a great and very natural way to do it. In all honesty I think it would probably be a bit safer, just because the meat would be kept in a moderated temperature environment rather than being exposed environment. There also may be issues with food safety and stuff like that since the meat would stay in the “danger zone” temperature for longer than if it were continuously dehydrated. I’m not positive on any of this though, so i’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the comment!

  3. how awesome – I have the same dehydrator (actually I have two, this one and a larger one that I was given as a gift), but I never thought about making Zucchini chips, which is weird, cause I love Zucchini! Thanks for this idea, and yes this dehydrator is worth its price – I have never had any luck with the cheaper models

    1. Thanks for the comment! This was my first dehydrator, but I’m pretty glad that I got it. Also, if you’ve got any suggestions on what to dehydrate, i’m all ears!

  4. I want one so I can make Jerky. I am also doing a low carb diet and I love to eat Jerky. But if you read the packages, 95% of them have added sugar. 🙁 So I would love to make my own. And now that I see the zucchini chips, I want to make them as well. They look yummy!

    1. I absolutely hate it when I try and find something with no sugar in it and there aren’t any options. That’s a big reason for why I was inspired to get this machine. I will be doing jerky real soon, so i’ll let you know how it goes!

  5. Very nice idea! I usually eat so much chips while watching TV. Now I know what I needed: Zucchini Chips!

    I also love the jerky idea. As someone who never did it on his own, can you give me some advice?

    Thanks a lot,

    1. Well I actually have not made jerky on my own yet, so I will definitely be showing you all how it goes on my first run. I think the most important thing is to either marinade it well or use a good spice rub and let it sit overnight at least to get some good flavors infused. I also know I won’t be using any sugar and probably stevia if I want it to be sweet. I’ll let you all know how it goes!

  6. This machine looks sensational Pete

    It really seams to give you a lot of versatility. I guess it’s a matter of personal preference though. If you want more tray storage, the 6303 seems to be the better choice.

    1. I agree. It definitely is personal preference, which is why I linked to show a lot of different options. I do think the 6303 is just great because of the ability to set it and forget it as well as expanding it.

  7. I was thinking of doing the same with bananas. These would obviously be slightly higher in carbs than your zuchinni chips, but a tasty snack, nevertheless.

    1. Bananas are a great idea for something to dehydrate. Although they are a bit higher in carbs, I think they would be okay in moderation.

  8. That is a great recipe and will most definitely satisfy my hunger for potato chips, but 6-8 hours is sooo long ah the struggle of the low carb life XD.
    Keep these great recipes up 🙂

    1. Thanks! I can understand that, but the beauty is that you can make a large batch of these and store them in zip lock bags or something to munch on as well.

  9. Oh me, Oh my! This looks incredible!!! I have to have a Presto Dehydro 6303! My birthday is coming up so I am bookmarking this page! Thank you!!

    1. Well I am glad it looks like a product you would want for something as important as a birthday present! I’m certainly glad that I purchased one for myself. If you end up getting one let me know and we can trade recipes! I’ll be doing some jerky in the next few days as well, so check back soon!

  10. What a very interesting article! I have never heard of food dehydrators before reading this so I have learned something new.

    Can you use this machine as a preservative device for in season fruit to be eaten much later on?

    I just loved the zucchini recipe as this is my favorite veggie!

    1. Well I am very glad that I could enlighten you to the ways of dehydrating! You absolutely can dehydrate fruits and vegetables to be eaten later on. I believe it’s even possible to rehydrate them later on if you so choose. I would of course recommend researching because i’m sure some fruits would lend themselves better to dehydrating than other, and it’s always important to make sure they are stored properly.

  11. Wow thank you for the great share. I really need to invest in the presto dehydro. Seems like it could come in handy with a lot of things. Those crisps though look amazing. As soon as I get me the dehydro I will give it a try. Thank you for sharing the review of the presto dehydro and the recipe for the crisps.

    1. I certainly think it was a good idea for me to get one. If you do end up getting one, let me know how it turns out and maybe we can share recipe ideas!

  12. Hi
    Your squash/zucchini crisps really look delicious. I like to live a healthy life and eat healthy food. I do believe very much in low carb food so this is a recipe I would love to try in my diet.

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. These look delish! I’ve been contemplating getting a dehydrator, especially now that my daughters school has asked that chips and processed snacks be left at home. Dehydrated fruit n veg! Sounds better than having a packet of chips.. Awesome recipe and product review

    1. They certainly tasted delish! I think this dehydrator was a great purchase for myself, especially since i’m always trying to think up low carb ways of making stuff to eat. They do also have some cheaper ones as I mentioned in my post, so if you are interested feel free to check them out on Amazon. I’m sure stores have them too, but I like the ability to see reviews.

  14. Hi Pete, thanks for this awesome review and recipe! Could you dehydrate these vegetables in the oven? Or is the dehydrator absolutely necessary?

    1. I am not positive on how they would turn out in the oven. I’m sure it is possible, but I have never done it with these specifically. I did try out some apples one time and they just turned out really chewy without becoming crispy. I think that the combination of having heat with a fan that circulates the air along with the grates the food sits on allows it to dry out. Now if you set up your oven to perhaps do something like this it certainly may work out.

  15. Love this post! I like those Terra chips and this sounds like it would be similar except that it’s home made and thus naturally just 10x better right away. Also, thanks for putting so much thoughts into your posts – seems like you’re really trying to help out your readers! And your style of writing is awesome. I’m gonna go check out that dehydrator now 🙂

    1. Well thanks so much for checking out my the post! I try to only put out content and recipes that I would like to read myself. I’m all about trying to make my food easy on the budget as well as the waist line. Thanks for the compliment as well. I hope you check back soon, because i’ll have much more coming soon!

  16. Yum,
    I have always made Kale crisps but never thought about squash and zucchini crisps. You have inspired me to make these and I cannot wait. If you have not tried Kale, put it with olive oil and salt.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve never actually tried kale chips, but i’ll definitely put them on the to do list.

    1. I certainly may try it, however I usually won’t eat potatoes at all unless it’s a high carb day for me. Definitely something for me to try out when it does come up!

  17. Hi Pete, very thorough review, thanks! There are so many out there, it’s hard to know which one really lives up to the hype. You’re right about the price of dried fruit – it’s shocking. I needed a few apricots for a recipe so I bought them loose, I couldn’t believe what they charged! I am interested in those zucchini chips, and being able to make them on my own, rather than buying ready made with who knows what else in there. I suppose it would be interesting to experiment with all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Something to think about!!

    1. The dehydrator I got is a great piece of equipment for my low carb culinary arsenal. I have made these chips as well as jerky in it, and I will be doing some fruit in the near future. The chips turned out great, and I hope you do try it out some time. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

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