Preparation Prevents Pounds – Low Carb Meal Planning

Preparation Prevents Pounds – Low Carb Meal Planning


Thinking ahead isn’t everyone’s strong suit. Many people probably never even give their next meal a thought. I was much like this in the past. I was also 100 lbs heavier in the past. Now you may be one of those lucky few individuals who are able to make it up on the fly and still stay in shape. I am not. I thought I would dedicate this post to explaining why meal prep is an important element to living my low carb life as well as give some tips to help make the process a little easier.

Why is prepping important?


  1.  It’s less likely that you will just go out and grab fast food – If you have already spent the time and money to prepare a bunch of meals ahead of time that are delicious and easy for you to heat up, you probably won’t decide on your way home from work to stop at that burger place.
  2. It allows you to control your portion sizes and make smart decisions about what you eat – When you are preparing meals ahead of time, you are able to measure out carefully what you are eating for a given meal. This allows you to know for a fact what you have consumed, rather than just grabbing food and eating.
  3. wrist-watch-941249_960_720It saves you time and money – Instead of paying high prices for low quality food, you will save money by knowing exactly how much you can spend for a week and budgeting your food expenses accordingly. Not having to go and pick up food every day after work, or going out to eat every evening, you will save a bunch of time as well.
  4. 5126345115_0081f0f8e3It allows you to track what you’re eating – This goes along with number 2 above. By prepping your meals ahead of time, you will be able to know exactly how many calories and carbs you are consuming. You can even keep a food journal or use a program like CalorieCount. They even have an app that makes it a breeze.
  5. accomplish-1136863_960_720It’s good for your motivation and your self-esteem – Just simply knowing that you have abstained from junk food and made a healthy choice to keep on track of your diet can be a confidence booster in what you are doing. You know that you’ve made a smart and healthy decision, and that the reward is greater than any quick gratification fast food will give you.
  6. Black_Forest_gateauYou can build in days for you to “cheat” – We all need “cheat” days/high carb days. I’ve even addressed these in a previous post here. By programming what you will be eating in advance, you can also know when you are able to have allowances. You can even do these alongside your workout plan in order to help boost your workouts to a level you normally wouldn’t be able to.
  7. Assorted_snacks12It prevents from unnecessary snacking – If you know you have food waiting for you when you get home, then you will be less likely to just snack on whatever may be around the office or in your car. This also prevents excess calories from being consumed.
  8. upset-534103_960_720Takes the guesswork out of your meals – Always knowing you have something to eat is one less thing that you’ll have to worry about during your already hectic week. This can reduce stress and help keep your willpower in check.



  1. Set aside a meal prep day – This is usually a day on the weekend for most people, but it can be any day that you have the time to set aside for cooking and preparing your meals for the week. You can even split this into two days during a given week to lighten the load.
  2. Packaging – I recommend using either Tupperware or aluminum foil for packaging. I find it especially easy to use a microwavable container to place my meals in so that I can just microwave it all together. You can also put everything into a foil pack and just throw them in the oven to warm back up.
  3. Make enough and have enough room for it – It’s important to plan out your week and know just how many meals you have to have. You can even make some extra and just freeze it. Along with making it all, make sure you have enough room in your fridge or freezer for all the containers you will have.
  4. Follow food safety – Make sure that you are following food safety guidelines when storing your food. For example, cooked chicken is only recommended to be in the fridge for 3-4 days but can be frozen for a longer period of time. The night before you’ll need it, just pull it out to thaw and microwave or bake it the day you eat it. To get an idea about food safety, check out this link.
  5. Plan more than just meals – Planning ahead should include snacks as well as workouts. This allows you to plan accordingly throughout entire days. For example, you could prepack some nuts or jerky into portions in zip loc bags or containers for throughout the day. If you can, your workouts should be planned out for your week as well. This way you can plan when you need to get sustenance before and after your workouts. Also, don’t forget to account for any and all supplements, like whey protein, when tracking your calories and carbs.

These are just some of the tips that allow me to keep living a low carb life without adding on stress. I plan the majority of my meals and workouts so that I know what I will be doing and when. Although I cook a little more spontaneously than I used to, I believe that planning out meals and pre-packing them is a valuable tool to use when starting out on a low carb diet.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions or comments, please leave it down below. Thanks!

12 thoughts on “Preparation Prevents Pounds – Low Carb Meal Planning

  1. Great article! I do this most of the time and it really does save time and money. It reduces stress too. I like the idea of planning snacks also. I will start doing this!

    1. Snack planning is a great way to curb appetite and track nutrition info throughout a week. It also helps to prevent mindless munching when doing other tasks. I like to use ziplocs or small tupperware containers to put portions into. Then they are easy to pack and bring anywhere I go if I need them.

  2. Great tips! I do find myself giving into temptation a lot when I’m out because I know it’s such a hassle making food at home especially if you don’t have a big family and you’re cooking for only one or two. My wife doesn’t particularly like using the microwave too often. Do you know if there are any negative effects of using the microwave all the time?

    1. I definitely can relate to having to cook for just two, since it’s just me and my fiancee that I do all the cooking for. I don’t know of any negative side effects of using the microwave all the time, but I rarely do use it. The majority of my reheating I do in the oven, but for something quick, the microwave works okay. The broiler is another option that I use too for cooking a lot of things. I think the biggest problem using the microwave for me is that it’s harder to regulate temperature when using the microwave, and it also can sometimes cook food unevenly.

  3. I love your site. At one point, I was guilty of not planning my meals and as a result, I ate the wrong foods. It does save time and lots of money when you plan and it is healthier. Cheers

    1. Thanks so much for the kind comment. You are absolutely right, I save so much money if I can just plan ahead, and I definitely am much healthier now that I do plan.

  4. This is great stuff Pete. I also try to really pay attention to my body’s cues and only eat when I’m hungry. That sounds obvious, but so much of our ending tends to be mindless, and that’s a really easy way to pack on the pounds. Oh, that and I try to avoid sugar at all costs!

    1. Great point. It’s definitely important to listen to your body and let it tell you what it needs. However, it’s also important to remember that our bodies are trained by our habits, and that it is very easy for our body to want something when it does not necessarily need it (like sweets and junk food). You are absolutely right about mindless eating, and I believe it’s important to make the distinctions between wants and needs when it comes to our bodies.

  5. Hi Pete

    As usual very informative article! All the tips you’ve given here are very helpful and can rely on. Even me every day I cooked and prepared food for me and for my girlfriend. We’re both agree to cook for our selves rather than to buy in fast food or eat in restaurant. For my opinion, better to prepare our own food, because we can make the food what we wanted. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks Eric! I think it is absolutely worth it in the long run to prepare food at home. For one I know what i’m eating, and two I can save a ton of money, which is always a very good thing in my book. I’ve found that over time I have actually been able to prepare restaurant quality food, or even better! It just takes practice, and google!

  6. This is a great post for those of us who would like to begin a low carb lifestyle, but are unsure because we are busy people. You’ve given me some great hints and tips about shopping and planning meals and I will be sure to check in again for more of your delicious recipes! Many thanks.

    Regards, Jude.

    1. Hi Judge, I think preparation is one of the best assets one can have in starting any diet plan. It does take some time to turn it into a habit, but I believe it’s worth it. Preparation can also be applied to many other areas of life. I’m glad you enjoyed the post, and I hope you check out some of the recipes I have on other posts. Thanks for stopping by!

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