Low Carb Pumpkin Spice Nut Cereal / Granola

Low Carb Pumpkin Spice Nut Cereal / Granola

Fall is in the air and pumpkin spice is everywhere! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin spiced coffee, pumpkin spiced candles, pumpkin spice is a big part of fall, and I thought I would jump on the pumpkin spice band wagon this week and throw together a pumpkin spice nut “cereal!” By combing it with my candying technique I used on my Candied Pecans these are the perfect crunchy and sweet bite to have in the morning.

Cereal is most definitely NOT low carb in any way whatsoever. However, I used to be a huge fan of it (and still am). It is probably one of the easiest things to whip up in the morning that is chock full of goodness. Unfortunately, cereal is usually also chock full of sugar, carbs, and other ingredients that I wouldn’t have the first clue about how to pronounce.

In a cereal craving induced Google search frenzy, I came upon a recipe for some muesli cereal on Low Carb Yum, a low carb website with some great recipes. The idea for the cereal looked great, but I know that my cereals were always sweet and crunchy.

I thought on it, and then I proceeded to add my own little twist by candying everything! The candying gave a sweet crunchy quality to the nuts, and the pumpkin spice made it feel very fall festive. Put in a bowl with some Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk , and I had a breakfast worthy of waking up for!


A big plus is also that this recipe is super easy to make.


A mix of raw pecans, sliced almonds, walnuts, coconut flakes, and hemp hearts makes up the cereal/granola part.



Mix up the egg whites, vanilla extract, pumpkin spice, water, and Stevia together.


Dump 2 cups of each nut in the liquid mixture.


Mix it all up so that all the nuts are coated with the mixture.


Lay out on some baking trays and bake at 300 degrees F (149 degrees C for about 40 minutes stirring halfway through. Once baked, take them out and let them cool. I’ll usually leave them out overnight, and they harden up nicely.

Pumpkin Spice Nut Cereal / Granola

Take them out and let them cool. Then you’ve got some easy to grab cereal for the mornings!

These are great as a snack by themselves or even on top of some yogurt or pudding. Awesome!


1/4 Cup Egg Whites

1 tbsp Vanilla Extract

1 tbsp Pumpkin Spice

3/4 Cup Stevia

1 Tbsp Water

2 Cups Raw Pecan Halves

2 Cups Sliced Almonds

2 Cups Large Coconut Flakes

2 Cups Raw Walnuts

2 Cup Raw Hemp Hearts


  1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees F (149C).
  2. In a large mixing bowl mix together egg whites, vanilla extract, pumpkin spice, water, and Stevia
  3. Put the rest of the ingredients (the nuts and stuff) into the bowl and mix very well until everything is coated well.
  4. Get two large baking trays with aluminum foil and spray with some non-stick spray.
  5. Lay even layers of the mixture on the pans so they they are relatively thin.
  6. Bake for 40 minutes stirring halfway through and breaking up the mixture.
  7. Let cool overnight.
  8. Enjoy with almond milk, by itself, or on top of yogurt.



9 thoughts on “Low Carb Pumpkin Spice Nut Cereal / Granola

  1. Wow! I just recently started the low carb diet a few days ago. I stocked up on Raisin Bran in the past as I’ve been eating that every morning before work. Shockingly when I read the label it said that it contains 44g of carbs and 15g of sugar and that was only for a ONE cup serving! I usually eat a big bowl of cereal, maybe 3 cups so I was eating a TON of carbs and sugar every morning and I didn’t even know it. No wonder I was gaining so much weight.

    I don’t have much time in the mornings to cook bacon and eggs and other low carb meals so this cereal/granola recipe is perfect! I subscribed to your newsletter and will be looking forward to more great low carb recipes. Thanks!

    1. Regular cereal really is chock full of carbs and sugar. A lot of things that we wouldn’t think are full of it usually are unfortunately. However, this recipe really works to help curb the cereal cravings. I hope you do try it out and let me know how it turns out! Thanks for subscribing!

  2. This looks yummy and so easy to put together. I am not a big fan of pumpkin spice but my husband and son are. I will have to give this a try for them. I like the way you candied it with good natural ingredients.

    1. They are very easy to put together, and if you aren’t a fan of pumpkin spice it’s also great with cinnamon or just candied by themselves!

  3. MMMMmmmm, this pumpkin spice nut cereal granola sounds very good to me as I love pumpkin! It’s so hard to find good tasting snacks that are good for you. Thanks for sharing this!

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