A Low Carb Feast For Kings

A Low Carb Feast For Kings

Rachel and I had some friends over for a little Memorial Day bar-b-que, and let me tell you, we had some food!! I decided on making some smoked wings, steak, shrimp, asparagus, corn, and a low carb triple berry pie. I think I did pretty well, if I do say so myself. I’ll post the full recipes shortly, but here are a few pics from the cook out.


I first used the snake method of low and slow smoking for my wings. As you can see in the picture above, I placed my coals all along the back edge of my Weber Kettle Grill, and stacked them two high and three deep. I placed some apple wood chunks and relatively even intervals along the snake. I then lit about six or seven coals in my chimney starter, and I placed them at one end of the snake. This allowed the internal temperature to remain between 250 – 275 for about 1:45 to 2 hours.


After marinading my wings in some jerk seasoning for about two hours, I speared them through with two bamboo skewers. This allowed me to get more wings on a smaller surface area. It also allowed smoke to get on all surfaces of the wings, as well as making it easier to move the wings around.


After all the prep is done, it’s time to put the wings on the grill for smoking! Remember, light blue smoke is what you want!


After about 2 hours, voila! I tossed them in my usual mix of jerk seasoning, butter, and Louisiana hot sauce. They were smokey with a nice kick to them.


Unfortunately, I didn’t take a bunch of prep pictures for the steaks. Our guests were due to arrive, and I was running around with the smoked wings, the veggies, the shrimp, and the steak. Luckily, Rachel did the corn for me!

For the steaks I used the reverse-sear method. I basically coated them with Himalayan pink salt, crushed black pepper, garlic powder, and a little olive oil. I let them marinade in the fridge for a couple of hours, and then I placed them on a baking rack on a tray in a preheated oven at 200 degrees. Using the reverse-sear method and bring them up to temp slowly, there isn’t really a need to bring them up to room temp like with regular cooking methods. I let them cook for about 2 hours, until the internal temperature was 120. After I took them out, I   got my grill super heated with a full chimney of coals. The internal temp was reading at about 500 degrees! Then I quickly seared them on each side with the lid closed for about a minute on each side. Perfectly cooked medium-rare steaks!


12 thoughts on “A Low Carb Feast For Kings

  1. Having an great interest in low crab eating myself, any way that lets me eat like a king and keeps me away from the carbs, is music to my ears. Your BBQ looks like it was amazing and those wings look amazing. Admittedly, I’ve never tired smoking food before, so I will definitely be giving it a try! Thanks for the pictures too, you’ve made me work up quite the appetite 🙂

    1. Smoking food is definitely a great way to infuse more depth and flavor into any food. It doesn’t even need to be meat. Veggies and fruits can also be smoked to add more flavor to them. Although it does take some time, it is definitely worth it. Now that summer is here, I’ll also be doing more bbq recipes, so keep an eye out!

  2. Pete,
    This is a great site with a lot of good diet information. I especially like the low carb feast for kings, only because I am a meat and potatoes kind o guy.

    1. Thanks Stuart! It’s definitely a work in progress, but it’s getting there. I’m a very big meat and potatoes kind of guy, unfortunately, the potatoes don’t end up sitting too well with me for long. I end up gaining weight really quickly with carbs like those. Fortunately, I love cooking and finding new ways to satisfy my carb cravings.

  3. this post has made my mouth water i could kill for a steak right now. this website is amazing. could you do something on cooking the perfect baby back ribs? by the way i love how easy the steps were to follow along with those fantastic images you have throughout the post.

    1. Thanks! I actually did a post on doing some slow smoked sweet and smokey baby back ribs. You can actually find it on the side bar or in the gallery. You could also use the search bar and it should come up for ribs. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Looks great!

    I love chicken wings. Going to try that recipe. It works for all types of meats?

    Your title indicates low carb life. What types of food do you include in the low carb life?

    Do you include whole grains or paste in your low carb life? How often do you eat them and what portion sizes do you use?


    1. The wings recipe can be used for any kind of meats. Jerking is more a style of cooking and it can be done with all proteins (i’m sure even veggies would work too). For my low carb life I eat mainly proteins (meats and fish) as well as veggies. I do also do things like low carb wraps and sometimes I will do whole grains but not often. I’m not sure what you mean by pastes, but I don’t believe I do. Portion sizes are generally whatever keeps the daily total to be under 20 grams of carbs, but I don’t follow it religiously. I hope this helps!

  5. Yummm. What about for queens too? Ha.
    I’m doing some late summer cutting since I never got where I wanted to be this summer. “This low carb life’ sounds like a website I should be following religiously.
    These look delicious by the way –especially the steaks. I never do outside grilling but I really need to start.

    1. You are absolutely right. I should’ve made the title of this post A Royal Low Carb Feast or something like that. The steaks turned out great. I think reverse sear is the best way to do them, and I will probably do a more in-depth post sometime soon. Summer is the season for grilling (although I grill year round). Thanks for dropping by!

  6. Woh what an incredible feast and it being a low carb feast as well. Thank you for sharing your instructions, they were quite informative. The chicken wings look great. I would very much be interested in seeing these recipes as I would like to do some barbecuing over the summer.

  7. Hi Pete, very interesting, i am a great meat lover and your post made my mouth water.
    I am interested in having low carb meals.
    I am looking to lose weight and seeing you have been able to do it gives me a bit of encouragement.I am not really a seafood fan but i see you have alot of different recipes, i am going to make the stuffed spinach margherita chicken.
    would it be ok for me to have the same meal twice in one week?. Your steaks and chicken wings do look delicious, i will be making them on the barbecue this year 🙂

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